Gas Hikes…Yikes!!!

As the price of everything has increased, the continuing increase of gas has forced us to make (hopefully temporary) price adjustments. While proud our rates have not changed in several years, the current circumstances have brought us here.

We will take this one day at a time, as for today’s news and events, yikes! Please see below for details of the price adjustments.

For all 10, 20 and 30 minute walks, there will be an additional $2 added to each visit.

For all hourly sitting, your second hour and after, will have a $5 increase.

For all full day and overnight sitting and care, there will be a $10 increase per day.

Again, we are so very sorry to do this to you. We need fuel to get to your babies and a gallon only stretches out our pockets not our profits. Once again, we do hope to remove these fees in the near future.

We appreciate every single one of you. Truly!!! We hope and pray for understanding in this hard decision. Feel free to contact me with anything! Wags, Sam/Rachel