Hello Pet Parents: My daughters & I relocated from the Midwest to sunny Palm Beach in 2011 and never looked back. I can not think of a time that dogs weren’t present in my life. I was trained to handle dogs very early on. I have a gift for finding the dogs that need me the most.

Doesn’t matter, pound puppies or purebred show dogs, they are all the same. They want to give love in return for acceptance and a doggy treat. It was left to me to hospice our last show dog until it was time to say goodbye. I rescued a lil Maltese with attachment issues that could not be left alone. Most recently, I rescued a last chance pit that I didn’t want at all but when I saw her I knew she needed me and I needed her.

What I learned about dogs is each one, despite the pedigree, has their own personality and temperament. It is my job to appreciate your fur baby’s uniqueness and charm but provide a safe consistent and professional level of care so they know what to expect from me and you know they are in capable hands.

I look forward to getting to know you and your pet family!