The Latest News & Updates: We Won Best Pet Sitter!

Good Morning Paw Beach Clients!!

Less than two weeks ago, we were awarded for the 2023 Best of the Best Pet Sitter WINNER in Palm Beach County!!! I, personally, was absolutely shocked.  I, also, wanted to THANK YOU as all my current clients for making this ever possible. This is huge for us. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @pawbeachfl.

That being said, with that news and our ever awful economy, we will be raising certain prices in June. And pretty much all across the board in September. For the June changes, I will update you on May 1st.  However, if you have inquiries about this, simply reach out to me. As far as September (season starts that early for us), I will also send that new information a month prior, so August 1st. I believe my girls and I are worth every penny and more.

As always, just a few reminders…

  • I have been so very lenient with deposits for each and everyone of you are quite amazing and respect how my business is run. 50% is now due upfront on ALL sits. This saves me time to collect that deposit if you cancel within two weeks of the start date (as stated in your contract)
  • BUT (good news), I will honor all requests for sits prior to June 1, at the current pricing. So if you have plans, book before then.  We are typically two months out. Please use that rule of thumb for sitting.
  • All newer clients (and some past) are now required to fill out the updated client document available in the documents tab on TTP. This is to completely aid us for the best care!
  • A friendly reminder, holiday rates (on our website) are an additional fee.
  • Please respect our before and after hour time (8-6) for single visits. There is a $15 administrative fee)
  • We do accept credit cards on the portal. Please feel free to use that option. However, the 5% fee will be added to your bill.
  • Always refer to terms and conditions you signed and prior emails I have sent, for any pricing confusion.

That’s it for now! lol! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for each of you. Your babies’ care and your happiness is of the utmost importance to me. I am always available for you.